Our strength: POS displays with a Wow! factor

Each product is different. Every customer is different. This is why we believe in the success of individual and original POS displays. We offer tailor-made solutions, with sales concepts precisely matched to your needs. For each of our customers we deliver 100% individual print services and products. We pour all our experience and creativity into ensuring that this is so, because the end goal is, after all, to use POS displays to fire up the enthusiasm of your target group. Through our tailored advice, you understand what type of display is right for your product – for anything from confectionery to pharmaceutical articles – and we work with you to create truly exceptional POS concepts. Counter stands, floor displays or illuminated displays: whatever the choice, we ensure that you won't go unnoticed by your end consumers!

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    Floor display stands

    Unlimited possibilities for your point of sale: floor displays make it possible.

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    Counter-top displays

    Maximum effect in a small space: creative counter-top displays guarantee impulse sales.

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    Change trays

    The small POS element that packs a big punch: our change trays are available in unusual, eye-catching designs.

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    Shop window dressing

    Creative staging: shop window dressing tells the story of your product – and boosts sales.

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Individual POS displays that highlight your uniqueness

Your product is unique. So why not place it in a setting to match? We design point-of-sale displays that highlight the character of your product and convey to the customer in an instant that this article really is something special! From counter stands to display columns, from shop window designs to change trays: we develop POS displays for the most diverse situations and branches, and guarantee that we will also find a solution that meets your requirements. So, what drives us? Pure creativity. Because we love to explore new technologies and use innovative materials in the POS display to express precisely the message you want to convey.

POS Bodenaufsteller für Sanostol

Four steps to creating your POS display

Each Creodis project begins with a preliminary meeting. Only when we have come to fully understand your product do we begin to precisely target the message of your POS display. Who do you want to reach out to? What is new or outstanding about your product? What feelings should the POS display evoke? We work with you to find out the answers, and conduct the subsequent design phase in close cooperation with you. Various elements, deployment possibilities and materials are discussed. We use this information to create a draft design that precisely reflects the core message of your brand. You can then try out the resulting prototype in a retail shop if you wish. All this information goes into our design of your unique POS display – ranging from exclusive one-off items to small production runs and bulk orders.

Eunova Schaufensterdeko mit Klitschkos

A modern range of materials for your point-of-sale display

From floor display stand to counter-top display: the right POS format is critical when it comes to the success of your product. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for new ways of developing eye-catching display stands. Versatile materials like corrugated cardboard, plastic, metal, wood or combinations of such materials allow us to create virtually any shape. We can even create special effects for you, such as lighting effects or fragrances.

We advise you on the right format for your articles depending on the location, product and desired objective. Floor display stands, for example, are an ideal POS solution for large quantities of items, while counter-top displays offer sufficient space for smaller products, last-minute purchases or product samples. They can also inform your customers of exciting innovations. Display stands come into their own whenever there are queues at the checkout, while smaller displays like change trays or shelf displays also transport your brand message. This is why more and more customers are opting for a combination of several display types, in order to reach out to consumers at all stages of their journey through the store.