Change trays: eye-catching on any counter

The change is quickly placed on the counter, the customer glances down, and voilà your brand is right there. Change trays are small, effective advertising vehicles for your product and found at virtually every checkout. They offer the last chance to present your brand before the consumer leaves the shop. Reason enough therefore to raise the profile of change trays.

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Change trays combine function and brand message

The change tray is the only POS display that functions in its own right without any advertising message. With relatively low production costs, these small advertising supports are ideal for conveying your message simultaneously at various locations, while strategically combining them with other displays. Needless to say, our change trays are made of non-slip material designed to fulfil their function. They also offer outstanding design potential, ranging from bright neon colours to unusual shapes. Change trays offer a subtle way of promoting your product.

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Change trays: the last stop on the customer’s journey

Your product should leave a lasting impression. With this in mind, Creodis displays accompany consumers around the store. This begins from the very moment they cast their eyes on the shop window. Aside from change trays, Creodis offers you striking shop window decorations and large 3D systems. Upon entering the store, the customer is met by a floor display, which not only teases the product but also keeps it within easy reach. And since all successful shopping experiences end at the checkout, you complete your product presentation with a counter-top display and matching change tray. The first impression on entering the store and also the last one when paying at the checkout: this ensures your brand sticks in consumers' minds.

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Our customers

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Creodis: individuality for your POS

We specialise in outstanding POS displays that centre on your products. Every one of our customers is therefore treated as a separate individual and is supplied with a very individual solution. We offer advice, add impetus, and devise the perfect POS strategy for a successful market presence. Creative diversity lies at the heart of what we do. Because instead of putting forward off-the-peg solutions, we build displays that reflect the true core message of your product. Through our unbounded enthusiasm for new techniques and materials, we do everything in our power to draw full attention to your POS. A permanent contact person at Creodis is on hand to advise you about everything from change trays to shop-in-shop solutions.