Counter-top display: maximum impact using minimal space

Counter-top displays are the little seducers of the point of sale. Their positioning right next to the checkout makes them ideal for impulse purchases by the end consumer, and thus especially suited as small, last-minute items. If the counter-top display is to work in this last-minute situation, it must be particularly striking and able to trigger an impulse buy in a split second. Counter-top displays should therefore be designed to take full advantage of the coveted space around the checkout – a requirement that we are completely versed in, regardless of the sector.

Thekendisplay am POS für Reviderm

Counter-top displays: your product at eye level

Many products are suitable for impulse-buying at the checkout. These include cremes, confectionery items and seasonal product samples. Counter-top displays effectively promote such items.

Sometimes, however, it isn't necessarily the "grab-and-go" product that wows in the counter-top display: while people are waiting at the checkout, you can also inform customers of new product launches and use the opportunity for customers to read more detailed information while standing in line.

Thekendisplay für Hoggar Night

A strong combination: supplementary products for counter-top displays

A strategic combination incorporating several displays reinforces your advertising message. While the counter-top display announces a product launch, for example, the matching floor display can put your product and all of its features in a flattering and detailed setting. This ensures that customers are guided towards a purchase. At Creodis, we will advise you in detail; not only about the various POS displays available, but also in order to establish the most effective marketing strategy for your in-store advertising message. After all, personal contact and individual support are what make us special.

Convince yourself

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Dr Babor
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Individuelles POS-Thekendisplay für Avene
Thekendisplay für Dulcosoft
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POS-Thekendisplay für Ratiopharm Duo
Thekendisplay für UHU Stic
POS-Display für Viscontour
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Our customers

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Pure individuality: counter-top and other POS displays

Counter-top stands, floor displays or shop window dressing: whatever your choice, you won't be shown a list of template-POS designs at Creodis. We offer you instead bespoke concepts based on your corporate identity, target group and product-specific requirements. Our creative design team is always on the lookout for new techniques and materials in order to transform your POS into an authentic shopping experience. We use modern staging techniques and practical handling procedures to ensure that end consumers understand the core message behind your product at first glance and associate it with your brand. Creodis quite simply offers you more: more individuality, more options, more service.