Floor display: wow your customers from the ground up

Whether on a Chep pallet or free-standing, floor displays offer endless creative possibilities when it comes to presenting your products. At Creodis, we let your goods shine, set them on a pedestal or wrap them in unusual shapes – all to turn your product into an eye-catcher. All creativity aside, we never lose sight of the specific logistical requirements involved. We ensure that our floor display stands are not only appealingly designed but also offer the stability required for the perfect, long-term staging of your products. This also involves keeping things as simple as possible at the retail level. Through this approach, floor displays can generate a whole shop-within-a-shop experience using the smallest amount of space. In addition to their convenient means of storing your range of goods, POS systems also provide sufficient space for promotional material, mirrors or modern LED lighting. One thing you can be sure of: your products will stand out!

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Floor displays: these are their features

Ground-level display stands offer several benefits rolled into one. On the one hand, they provide plenty of space for products, brochures and decorative elements that help trigger an impulse to grab the product. On the other, floor displays can be flexibly configured to work as sales-promotion showstoppers, regardless of where you set up the POS: in a supermarket, pharmacy or beauty parlour. Our trademark characteristics are individuality and innovation. We adapt the floor display precisely to your brand message, without shying away from any creative challenges. Combinations of different materials, so-called hybrid versions, are just as much a part of our repertoire as lighting elements and striking designs. Are you planning something really exceptional? Then speak to us first. Our creative team will be delighted to hear from you and help you to proceed, however outlandish your ideas might be!

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What are floor displays used for?

“This has to be something really special” is what many consumers think when they see a product in an eye-catching floor display. After all, the items are not packed in to shelves with rival products. Your product immediately receives a big boost in terms of attractiveness and value.

Best of all: the ability to create this special feeling lies directly in your hands. Because innovative floor displays are ideal for many products, brands and applications and are certain to highlight your product and elevate customer perception.

Convince yourself

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Bodenaufsteller POS für Antirougeurs
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Bodendisplay POS für Farmers Snack
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POS-Display (Bodenaufsteller) für StadaVital
Bodenaufsteller für Vitakraft (BeefStick)
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Our customers

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What products are floor displays suitable for?

Can't be done, doesn't exist. Floor displays are suited to virtually any product and brand. A product sitting on its own small shelf has an ideal platform for standing out from the crowd. After all, tubes of cosmetic products require a completely different presentation than boxes of chocolates – not only in terms of optimising how well they are noticed but also keeping them from tipping over and making them readily accessible. Brochure racks and 3D elements provide information about your sales promotions and special offers. Customers will be so surprised that they will scarcely be able to pass the display by.