Shop window dressing: turning window shoppers into customers

You don’t get a second chance to create a first impression. In the retail sector, it is the shop window that creates this primary live impression. Whether in a travel agency, pharmacy, beauty parlour or hairdressing salon, the right shop window display acts as a magnet that attracts potential customers and pulls them in off the street. Depending on the sector, the products or services to be displayed and the prevailing spatial conditions, shop window dressing can consist of striking ceiling hangers as well as spectacular, multi-part 3D displays – at Creodis, creativity knows no bounds.

Omron Schaufensterdeko

Time to think big: shop window decorations attract attention

Shop window decorations are a decisive motivator in determining whether a customer will enter a business or not. Whether you are a retailer yourself or you supply products to retail shops, your storefront is a vital creative setting for your brand. This is where large-scale and unusual concepts really come to life, and even a small shop window can be turned into a sales promotion teaser when equipped with the right POS displays. At Creodis, we develop modern designs that stand out from the crowd. Combinations of different materials, like corrugated cardboard, wood, metal or acrylic, create striking shop window displays. Unusual 3D models conjure up whole new worlds that the consumer becomes immersed in. This is how to put the consumer under your spell!

Schaufensterdeko für Soventol

The first step to a purchase: shop window displays that wow

The right shop window advertising draws consumers into the shop. But this is just the beginning: we also create the right floor and counter-top displays and display columns; all designed to keep the consumer’s attention after entering the premises. Our product presentation systems wow not only on the basis of their outstanding design concept; handling, cost efficiency and practical deployment are also considered in close cooperation with you. Through this approach, you determine the customer's journey, thus securing a decisive competitive advantage over your rivals.

Convince yourself

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Our customers

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Creodis: your innovative partner for shop window displays

Successful POS displays inspire consumers and awaken emotions. Pharmaceutical products, for example, promise health and vitality, while cosmetics engender a luxurious feeling of well-being and chocolate bars radiate pure enjoyment. At Creodis, we authentically harness this enthusiasm through a team that loves its work: namely to develop creative concepts and deploy the latest methods for creating an exceptional point of sale for you. We do this together with you. Your dedicated contact person, coupled with close coordination with you, ensure the success of your shop window dressing and other POS displays.